The Acalon Power Club is for those open minded, money motivated, entrepreneurial minded risk takers, that are tired of the 9-5 and want to be their own boss and make money for themselves without living paycheck to paycheck.  

  1. We Help Individuals become part of a business family that is all about the success of all its members
  2. We help members get funding for projects, emergencies, and much more, using the support of the Powerclub and its members
  3. We help Entrepreneurs get started running their own business with only $300 to start
  4. We help Entrepreneurs become financially stable, empowered and on the path to passive income
  5. We help Entrepreneurs make $$$$ Everyday

We have partnered with AMR Corp to provide simple real estate investment strategies that will make thousands even millions for members involved.

Being  a Member of this club your benefits are:

  • Having a business in your name over night
  • Raise money to launch your business, brand or product 
  • Having lifetime rich successful friends that will help you when needed
  • Make $$$$ Running your own business (Whatever business you have a passion for)
  • Learning how to manage your income, your accounts and payment processing
  • Getting working capital and business lines of credit $20,000+ after being in business only 3 months with no credit check
  • How to Invest in real estate without buying property and making 3 times as much as investors who actually spend hundreds of thousands to buy property
  • How to leverage your taxes and get money back without having to pay upfront
  • Success Secrets and Being a part of a Global Family of supporters


About Acalon Inc

Acalon Inc, efficiently apply our skills and knowledge to fit clients' needs. Offering marketing strategy, consulting and website services. How we market businesses is constantly changing and evolving. We have progressed along with the marketing industry by producing cutting-edge strategies and campaigns for our clients by combining new media options with traditional advertising solutions. We are not just about marketing, we are about strategising, creating and effectively growing your business or brand. 

Where to find Us

Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, USA

Telephone: (754)300-9102